Girls and Modesty!

A message to all those girls who move out wearing pathetic dresses and do not cover themselves..

You need to know that people do not appreciate you neither do they think what hot, a chick, you are. The way you have wonderfully been made a delicate creature holding all the beauties within you and representing Eve, You hold duties allotted to you by God to be a good person in the world and a guiding light for all the people around you.

Being a lady is not about YOU alone.

You represent all the ladies of the world.

You, who calls herself a MUSLIM! You, who for your so-called ego, tell others what you are and who you belong to! You, who comes up fighting with others for being disrespectful to you! You ain’t an entertainer for guys out there. Know this fact!

YOU, who represents the ladies of the tribe of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)!

Hover onto yourself. See what you do. Watch your steps. Pay attention to what nature tells you. Hover onto the realities- bitter realities of life and brutal outcomes of all that you do and forget after doing. You will be questioned, for sure. Every single thing you do. Make a note of it. Write it down and analyze it at the end of the day. As they say in Literature, do the critical analysis of your deeds. Did you make anyone glad? Did you feed the hungry? Did you help the poor? Make a note of it.

The way you dress up, defines YOU and the ENTIRE genre.

It is the MODESTY that matters and not HOW TIGHT AND FITTED your clothes are.

YOU move out in such pathetic dresses and when told or questioned, tell others that “I’m free to do whatever I want to”. No, Darling! You are not free to do all that you want to without thinking of others around you. You have to look around and help others; serve them. You seem to be free but only YOU think of it that way.

O come on! The more one acquires knowledge, the more she covers herself and opens-up less to others.

You, your body, your hair and your feet etc are all for your HUSBAND and not for the people on roads.

Sensitivity of situation lies in the reality that girls mistake Modernism with Immodesty.

If ANYWHERE you see any girl dressed absurdly or pathetically, tell her to behave herself and respect other ladies if she can not respect herself.

If we start doing this, politely, sooner Girls will start to know what actually MODERNISM is.

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